Refining Precious Metals for over 34 years.
For the past 34 years, Wisconsin Precious Metal Refining has steadily built an outstanding reputation as a leader in the refining of precious metals for a wide variety of industries. Our experience and expertise allows us to refine both non-hazardous and hazardous materials containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iridium and rhodium. Some of the industries we serve include:
Jewelry (Gold, Silver & Platinum) Silver Contacts Litho Film
Dental Gold Filled Medical Industries
U.S. & Foreign Coins Medical Device Manufacturers X-Rays
Semiconductor Aviation Pharmaceutical
Telecom Aerospace And many other industries
Industrial Automotive    
A sampling of the type of material we process includes: cathodes, plated wire, plate-out foil, karat gold bars, jewelry, extracted dental crowns and bridges, grindings, free stone removal, ion-exchange resins, plated scrap, x-ray film, platinum catheters and several PGM (platinum group metal) devices, catalytic converters, cyanide and caustic solutions containing precious metals, sweeps, filters, targets, rack pins, vacuum bags, sludges, polishing dust, flooring, hazardous waste solutions, and any other forms of precious metal scrap materials. Please contact us and let our specialists select the most technologically appropriate process to sample and process your material based upon your company's specific refining needs.
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Wisconsin Precious Metals Refining Services
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